It is one of the services with the greatest demand in aesthetic dentistry thanks to the significant change they provide in the appearance of the teeth.. Aesthetic porcelain veneers are thin layers that are located on the external face of the tooth and manage to substantially embellish the shape of the tooth. The results of the smile design with porcelain veneers are even more striking when several teeth are involved in such a way that The entire width of the smile is covered by veneers.

Estos son algunos de los beneficios de los diseños de sonrisa realizados con carillas en porcelain.

because it completely changes the appearance of your teeth

because the veneers can be made according to your style or preferences, that is, you can make the teeth taller or smaller, with square or rounded ends, pure white or with different shades that move away from or move closer to the tones natural of the tooth, the patient can also choose a uniform color over the entire length of the veneer or can choose to play with shades of color throughout the tooth so that transparency and shine are seen, etc.

Because the design of porcelain veneers does not involve surgical or painful procedures or methods that involve the physical introduction of foreign objects into the body.

because sometimes our state of mind, security and confidence are enhanced by significant changes in our physical appearance. The face and smile are a fundamental part of verbal and non-verbal communication.

because in a short time and at least two appointments
transformative results are achieved with porcelain veneers

Because in many cases very striking changes can be achieved with porcelain veneers, being very conservative with the natural structure of the tooth and without the need to incur in complementary procedures.

Because thanks to the characteristics of porcelain, it can be guaranteed that the veneers will maintain their aesthetic properties over time.

Because although porcelain veneers can suffer damage if they are not cared for and the professional’s instructions are followed, it can also be ensured that thanks to the properties of porcelain it is a more resistant material and under conditions of care and good handling they should not fracture

Because natural teeth are not always of the same height,
of the same thickness, it is common to see that some endings of the teeth can be pointed or lack uniformity or end in the shape of a saw. All these details can be improved with a good smile design with porcelain veneers and make the teeth look symmetrical.

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    The success of a good porcelain veneer smile design depends on several factors and has some challenges.

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